Police warn Nigerians not to resist arrest

Police warn Nigerians not to resist arrest

The Nigerian Police Force warns Nigerians that resistance to arrest could lead to death and calls for peaceful conduct.

The Force advised Nigerians on how to behave during apprehension(image used for illustrative purposes).

The Nigerian Police Force (NFP) has warned Nigerians never to resist police arrest even though they believe the arrest is illegal.

As part of its effort to improve the interactions between police and members of the public, the Force has issued tips for safe and friendly conduct.
during a prison situation on Monday, May 13, 2019.

Noting that arrest situations can easily become violent if not properly addressed, the Force has warned Nigerians to resist arrest, which is an offense
by itself, can portray someone as a hostile person.

To educate Nigerians about how to behave in arrest situations, the Force warned that resisting arrest could result in harassment of the suspect or the arresting officer

“Do not resist arrest. Even if you believe that arrest is illegal or unnecessary, let the arrest take place without incident.

“Note that resisting arrest can lead to an encounter that can result in permanent damage, injury and / or disability or death for yourself or even the officer.
holding you.

“It is therefore better to allow the arrest to occur without an incident and then seek redress and appropriate sanction against the defaulting officer.
through a legitimate process “
the Force advised.

The statement also noted that a suspect may be handcuffed if he shows violent behavior or shows a propensity to escape.

The Force also announced that a member of the public about to be arrested may politely demand to know the reason for the arrest as well as to request the identity.
officer and post office if such information is not offered.

The person about to be arrested may also ask to see the arrest warrant when necessary. However, the Force noted that police officers have broad powers under the law
to arrest without warrant in many circumstances.

Despite this, the Force has noted that someone about to be arrested can politely request that the police let them inform a trusted friend or family member or a
lawyer after his arrest in order to avoid unnecessary seizure of his whereabouts or security.

The Force also revealed that in case of apprehension, the police can search the body of a person arrested, clothes and other belongings, including a vehicle, if the person is in it.
at the moment of being stopped.

However, the Force has noted that if a prison requires the officer to search the person who is about to be arrested, such a person may politely request that the officer be sought
first to dispel fears that the officer may plant incriminating items for implicate them.

The person about to be arrested is advised to comply with all legitimate instructions during the search, which can be conducted with or without a search warrant. This person is advised
always inform the police officer about any health problem (if any) if they need immediate medical attention.

“This is important in case you need immediate medical attention, particularly asthmatic patients, people with a history of epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes
especially those on insulin etc. You should immediately make full disclosures, “the statement said.

Even if officers can request a suspect arrested to write and sign a statement, the Force has noted that they have the right to decline, especially if they believe it can
incriminate them. Nigerians are also advised not to use their phones indiscriminately while they are being held.

The Force also warned Nigerians not to interfere or intervene when a third party is being arrested, as they may not know the details and the seriousness of the accusation.
against the person.

On a final note, the Force noted that following the officers willingly for the season is indicative that someone has nothing to hide from the law.

“In addition, this voluntary action will eliminate any possibility of the Police Officer to arrest the use of ‘minimum or reasonable force’ to obtain
compliance, “the statement concluded.

The Force has revealed that two final parts of the series will focus on tips on safe and cordial conduct in police stations and public expectations of police.
promotion officers
safe and cordial interactions with citizens.

Police officers were recently reported on a series of misconduct that sometimes led to civilian deaths. This has led to the acceleration of a police reform bill that was
approved by the National Assembly last month and awaits presidential consent.

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